What Is The Combonator?

The Combonator is a tool for doing range and combination analysis for Hold'em games. At it's heart, the tool allows you to define a preflop range and then assign parts of the range in to different groups, either manually or with automatic selection tools.

Once a range has been grouped, the output can be viewed to compare the number of combinations each. Textual and graphic output is displayed and results can be saved and shared, ranges can be exported to your favourite equity calculator of change, and ranges can then be reduced for future street analysis.

Automatic selection tools allow you to quickly make broad selections, such as assigning all hands of a certain value or draw in to one group. Because the output is updated live as you make changes, you can easily see how ranges change as you add and remove combinations.

From very simple questions like how many times my opponent have a set here? to much more complex, multi-street questions, The Combonator is an open-ended tool for serious poker students.

With The Combonator you can ask questions like:

  • What makes up my opponent's perceived range?
  • How does this board texture hit my opponent?
  • How does my opponent's range narrow based on his action in future streets?
  • How is my own range balanced in this spot?
  • What's the top and bottom part of my range here?

To find out more, you can check out the screencasts on the help page, including a quick-start 8-minute demo and a more in-depth, 3-part tutorial.

Or you could just download it and give it a spin! The basic version of The Combonator is free, with no nag screens or time limits. There is a pro version available to buy for $35, that includes extra features such as board texture analysis, saving/reloading of .combo files, additional groups and more.